GLA Annual Conference 2019 was successfully held in Singapore
2019-12-20 336

Global Legal Alliance (GLA) Annual Conference 2019 was successfully held in Singapore on November 6th and 7th, 2019. The conference attracted lots of famous lawyers, political officials, business leaders, well-known personals in the cultural domain and entrepreneurs from all over the world. 


Mr. Bill Li of GLA deputy secretary general & senior partner of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm and Mr. Kevin Zhu of deputy secretary general & senior partner of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm presided over the conference.


Mr. Jeremey Kleinfeld, the chairman of GLA, Mr. Wen Chen, GLA co-chairman & the founder of Zonglun W&D Law Firm also gave their thematic presentations during the conference.

GLA全球法律联盟主席Mr. Jeremy Kleinfeld致开幕辞,并宣布此次年会的主题:在一带一路格局下的基础设施建设和能源开发及文化交流合作。

Mr. Wen Chen, GLA co-chairman & the founder of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm gave welcome speech. 


Mr. Jikai Wu, the Political Counselor of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Singapore gave speech. 

Mr. Jikai Wu, the Political Counselor of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Singapore gave a speech.


Mr. Simon Li, Executive Chairman of China-ASEAN High Tech Collaboration Committee & Singapore Manufacturing Federation gave a speech
新加坡制造业联合会中国-东盟高科技合作委员会执行主席Mr. Simon Li致辞

Mr. Steven Lim, Singapore Chief Trade and Cultural Representative of Shandong Qufu gave a speech
山东曲阜新加坡首席贸易文化代表Mr. Steven Lim致辞

The attendees of this year’s annual conference were GLA members from many countries and regions, including law firms, legal professions from different enterprises, as well as many well-known personals in the cultural domain. Through the extensive communication and cooperation among the GLA members and the personage from all sectors of the society, it will greatly promote the close cooperation among the enterprises in the Asia Pacific Region, and will play an important role of international economic cooperation under the Belt & Road policy.   


Mr. Loo Choon Chiaw, Founder & Managing Partner of Loo & Partners LLP gave a speech

Mr. Loo Choon Chiaw发表演讲

Mrs. Allison Liu, Executive Director of SONG ART FOUNDATION SINGAPORE gave a speech

Mrs. Allison Liu发表演讲

Mr. Michael Siebold, Senior Partner of RNECKE SIBETHDABELSTE gave a speech

Mr. Michael Siebold发表演讲

Mr. Paul L.K. Lo, Partner of ANTHONY SIU & CO. SOLICITTORS & NOTARIES gave a speech

Mr. Paul L.K. Lo发表演讲

Mr. Timothy Mills, Managing Partner of Asia & Middle East International Law Group P.C. gave a speech

Mr. Timothy Mills发表演讲

Ms. Young Ju Lee and Mr.Ji Heon Oh, Partners of One Law Partners, LLC gave a speech separately
Ms. Young Ju Lee 和 Mr.Ji Heon Oh发表演讲

Mr. Flame Zheng, Tax executive partner of RUIHUA Certified Public Accountants gave a speech

Mr. Flame Zheng发表演讲

Mr. Jeremy Kleinfeld, GLA Chairman gave a speech

Mr. Jeremy Kleinfeld发表演讲

Mr. Chao Deng, Senior Associate of Accredited Specialist in Business law gave a speech

Mr. Chao Deng发表演讲

Mr. Antonio Pavan, Managing Partner of Studio Legale Pavan gave a speech

Mr. Antonio Pavan发表演讲

Mr. Ahmad Alkusayer, GLA Vice - Chairman gave a speech

Mr. Ahmad Alkusayer发表演讲

Ms. Chengying Xiu,  Partner of Becker & Poliakoff gave a speech

Ms. Chengying Xiu发表演讲

Mr. Lisi Zhou, Partner of ZhongLun W & D Law Firm gave a speech

Mr. Lisi Zhou发表演讲

Mr. Wan Li, Managing Partner of Seyfarth Shaw LLP (Shanghai Office) gave a speech

Mr. Wan Li发表演讲

                                                                                 Panel Discussion


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